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Whether it is for a simple replacement veneer, or a complete ‘smile makeover’, we have dentists who enjoy transforming your smile to the one you desire!

Veneers can be made in the laboratory using porcelain, which can be designed and characterised to look truly lifelike, or directly onto the tooth with composite material..

Porcelain Veneers

These are custom made facings for the front surface of the tooth. We can use them to change the appearance of a tooth’s size and shape, to close gaps, or make teeth appear ‘in line’. They can also change the colour of your teeth.

A veneer can even help reinforce a structurally weak tooth. Using modern, minimally invasive techniques, the appearance of teeth can be dramatically changed with little or no damage to the underlying structure.

Composite Veneers

These are directly placed on the front surface of the tooth, and whilst they do not have the excellent long term aesthetics of a porcelain veneer, they too have a place in improving the appearance of teeth, by closing small gaps, and improving irregularities of size, shape and colour.

Meet the team

All our dentists, dental therapists, and hygienists are fully qualified and registered with the GDC. They all provide the treatments within their remit, and some have special interests detailed below. We all keep up to date with advances in dental techniques and changes in legislation. We are all here to help our patients have the best possible experience and outcomes from their treatments.

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