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This is a time when the body’s response to pregnancy can have a negative effect on the teeth and gums.

Morning sickness can lead to erosion of enamel, and can affect ability to brush teeth. We are able to advise on alteration of routines to minimise damage, for example, to advise a woman who has just been sick to use a fluoride mouthwash rather than brush her teeth straight away.

Pregnancy can also often lead to increased inflammation and bleeding of the gums and it is really important to have this checked and monitored by your dentist or hygienist to ensure there are no other underlying problems.

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Our practice has been established since 1973 and we are a committed team of 11 dentists, 5 hygienists and dental nurses dedicated to providing high quality dental care to our patients in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. We realise that to many patients continuity is an important consideration. The last thing they want is a different dentist at every visit. We have an incredibly loyal and motivated team, which between them have almost 200 years of service to the practice.

The practice ethos has always been to promote dental health by prevention, whilst repairing the results of time and decay to the highest standard. Combined there is a huge range of experience and expertise to call upon so if you have a specific need there will always be some one within the practice to fulfil it.

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