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The majority of our patients elect to pay for their dental treatments by spreading the cost through a monthly payment scheme.

The big advantage of the Denplan programme is that included in this cost is the provision of the worldwide accident and emergency treatment in the package which makes it exceptional value. E.g.  -if you fell and broke all your  teeth at the front then this could involve thousands of pounds worth of treatment which would all be paid for by Denplan. We would recommend this  for the majority of patients. Please talk to your dentist at examination who will advise what is most appropriate for your needs.

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The schemes are:

Denplan Care

This entitles the member to all necessary treatment, including examinations, radiographs and hygiene appointments, together with preventative and restorative treatment, (but not purely cosmetic treatment).

In short, Denplan Care members have all the benefits of private care, such as preferred clinician, priority appointment times, and shorter waiting times, whilst budgeting for their dental care.

Denplan Essentials

This covers the ‘essentials’, ie regular examinations, hygiene appointments and diagnostic radiographs. An ‘essentials’ member is also entitled to a 10% discount off Private treatment items, so is a good way to reduce the cost for an extensive course of treatment!

Members of Denplan Care and Essentials also enjoy a number of additional benefits, such as worldwide emergency cover, and insurance, please visit the website of Simplyhealth, and search Denplan.

Denplan Hygiene

This is a popular new plan, whereby the cost of a set number of hygienist appointments is spread over the year, thus enabling a patient to benefit from their regular hygiene appointments to maintain gum health, whilst spreading the payments. We find this suits those patients with chronic gum conditions, and those who appreciate the confidence that knowing their mouths are regularly tended to by the hygienist. All patients are eligible for this plan, and there are no added benefits.

We are happy to offer an alternative to patients who prefer to pay as they go, but also appreciate a wider variety of treatment options.
Our private patients benefit from the same high quality dental care as our Denplan patients, as well as priority appointment times such as early morning, late afternoon/ evening and weekend.

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