Time to look for something else to smile about

Time to look for something else to smile about

With hopes of World Cup glory faded, its time to look for something else to smile about.

Many people will be about to embark on their summer holidays, and it is well known that sunny days and cool sweet treats go hand in hand, so, parents, please try to keep a few sugar free snacks and bottles of water to hand to re-neutralise your children’s mouths and minimise acid and sugar damage this summer.

It’s also a popular time of year for family parties, weddings and get togethers. If you worry that your smile might not brighten up your face in those dreaded photos, it’s probably time to chat with your dentist or hygienist about tooth whitening.

In addition to the services provided by our hygienists to remove tea coffee wine and tobacco stains from teeth, we stock advanced formula toothpastes which we have noticed help breakdown new stains on teeth, keeping them looking their best for longer.

For those who feel that they would like their teeth to look a few shades whiter, several of our dentists are now accredited ‘enlighten’ tooth whitening providers. This proven method of lightening teeth is far less likely to induce temporary sensitivity than other methods, and is proving very popular. Please ask your dentist, or one of our members of staff for further information, with such a range on offer there will be a method to suit your teeth and your budget.

However you spend your summer, we at Beckenham Dental Centre hope you have a fun and relaxing time.

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