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Preventative dental unit

The practice has a dedicated preventative dental unit run by a  team of hygienists to look after both children and adults.


For adults the PDU is run by our  team of hygienists who will treat gum disease and advise how to prevent it in the future. Every patient can keep their teeth for life with proper advice and care. Prevention is always better than cure.

The preventative package for adults consists of screening every patient for gum disease & decay  and also early cancer screening. Predisposing factors will be looked for at every stage and advice given.


This consists of a special children's facility with an en-suite hygienists surgery.

Enemies of teeth are decay & erosion which can be seen in even very young children's teeth.

There are four cornerstones to the children's programme

1 Diet. Including hidden sugars, acidic foods/drinks. Early transition onto solids, fluoride supplements etc.

Proper dietary advice may not only save children's teeth but will them live longer! The same diet that is good for teeth will result in a healthier body and better general health.

2. Disclosing and tooth brushing instruction.
This is a technique for showing how children should look after their teeth.

3. Fissure sealants which seal flaws in the teeth before decay can initiate.

4. Early detection of treatment of decay and other dental problems.

We have a local schools visiting program to get our message out to as many children as possible. The kids love it and we can educate them into good oral health before they get into the bad habits of a lifetime (even if that means saying no to granddads sweeties-he hasn’t got any teeth!) If your school would like a visit please let us know and we will do our best to arrange it.

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