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Gum disease will affect nearly everyone at some point in their life.  It has also been linked to many other major health problems including heart disease and diabetes.

Our dental hygienists play a very important role by working closely with the dentists to ensure and maintain total oral health. They are directly involved in the active treatment and preventative measures to help keep gum disease and decay at bay.

This is achieved by scaling and polishing the teeth in conjunction with oral hygiene instruction, dietary advice and direct patients into using the most appropriate oral hygiene aids e.g an electric toothbrush, interdental brushes or floss.  All advice is tailor made for the individual, therefore finding the most suitable and effective treatment plan for you.

Most of our patients see the hygienist regularly which provides the best chance to avoid gum disease and bad breath and improves your overall smile by keeping it free from stain and tartar build up, in turn it also makes it easier for you to clean at home.

We have five hygienists at present so we can offer appointments everyday of the week except sunday. 

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