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Meet the team

Our team is committed to providing high quality dental care to all our patients in a relaxed friendly atmosphere. This has led to the Practice continually growing to include a team of eleven dentists, four hygienists and 14 other staff.

nick patsias

Nick Patsias B.D.S L.D.S R.C.S

polly patsias

Polly Patsias B.D.S

andy hawkesford

Andy Hawkesford B.D.S


alex sayer

Alex Sayer B.D.S

lena ghose
Lena Ghose LDSRC. MDSc


janet wright

Janet Wright B.D.S

trevor rogers

Trevor Rogers B.D.S

panos zanedis

Panos Zanedis B.D.S (Hons) MFDS RCS

marica spykerboer

Marica Spykerboer B.D.S (Queensland)


dean witter

Dean Witter B.D.S

k p ali

K.P. Ali B.D.S


Dentist with a special interest in oral surgery  
Eleni Besi

Eleni Besi DDS, MFDS RCSEd
MSc (OMFS), PCert (Implantology)




abby leigh

Abby Leigh EDH

Rosie Christy

Rosie Christy EDH

debbie jasper

Debbie Jasper EDH

vicky mansfield

Vicky Mansfield EDH


Rachel Shaw

Rachel Shaw EDH

Practice Manager  
julie kentish

Julie Fincham










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